We have an experienced team of commercial property solicitors waiting to assist you

Real estate transactions often result in different legal issues which require the assistance of an experienced team of commercial property solicitors. The issues can lead to short, medium or long term inconveniences.

Providing legal advice to a wide range of clients

Middleton Dummer Solicitors is ready to represent your interests in an efficient manner and help you avoid huge legal costs. Our cost- and time-saving methods are the result of extended legal expertise which was built while providing legal advice to a wide range of clients, including the following:

  • Local authorities
  • Large UK companies
  • Institutional investors
  • Banks
  • Property developers (including residential development)
  • Retail occupiers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs, industrial units.

We cover all aspects of commercial property transactions

As part of our real estate practice, our dedicated solicitors cover all aspects of commercial property transactions. We guarantee our 100% legal support, no matter on which side of the real estate transaction you are:

  • Owner
  • Investor
  • Occupier
  • Developer.
  • The commercial conveyancing-related services we can provide include:
  • Collective enfranchisement
  • Real estate asset management
  • Lease extensions
  • Construction litigation
  • Negotiating termination of leases
  • Commercial property development transactions and planning
  • Refurbishments
  • Property finance and security, loan facilities, refinancing loan agreements.

We’ve also provided knowledgeable legal support in various cases, involving:

  • Repairing covenants
  • Mineral leases
  • Forfeiting of a commercial lease
  • Planning law
  • Debt recovery
  • Break clauses
  • Dilapidations clauses

A faster transaction and a practical approach

Based on multiple years of experience, we anticipate problematic contexts and plan ahead. The result is a faster transaction and a practical approach.

We are always available to explain each step of the real-estate process. We take pride in permanently keeping our clients posted regarding the progress of their sale/purchase. Make sure you receive the best legal services available and schedule a free consultation with us today.