Motorbike accidents

As more and more people in UK use motorbikes as a means of transportation, the number of injured persons due to motorbike accidents has increased. This is sometimes translated into months of medical treatment and a prolonged recovery period. The consequences also imply:

  • Losing the ability to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Financial difficulties
  • Hospital bills.

Did you know that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of death by over 40% and the risk of suffering from severe injuries by 70%?

In the unfortunate event of being involved in a motorbike accident, it’s highly recommended to seek legal advice.

UK Compensation Law

According to UK laws, if you’ve been a victim of a motorbike accident and it wasn’t your fault, you have every right to claim compensation from the negligent party.
Middleton Dummer Solicitors has years of practice is this area and has successfully dealt with numerous cases.

Our team of solicitors is ready to:

  • Represent you and obtain the maximum compensation you’re entitled to
  • Analyse your claim and inform you whether you have a valid claim or not
  • Gather all relevant evidence
  • Contact witnesses and putting together their testimonies
  • Guide you throughout the entire process and keep you updated.

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