Powers of Attorney

Power of attorney refers to a legal authorisation by which someone is empowered to act on your behalf in your health, financial or property matters in case you become mentally incapacitated.

Without a power of attorney, nobody has the right to take action on your behalf. In this case, your relatives or friends would have to seek court’s permission in order to receive the right to decide for you.

There are two types of power of attorney:

  1. Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) refers to long-term situations
  2. General Power of Attorney which is appointed when someone (the Donor) needs short-term assistance, for instance urgent documents need to be signed on their behalf while they’re abroad.

Middleton Dummer Solicitors can instantly help with:

  • Putting a Lasting Powers of Attorney in place for you
  • Drawing up the accompanying certificate of capacity ( a document that confirms that the person is fully aware of what he/she is doing)
  • Help you choose the right person to deal with you with your affairs in case you’d ever need such assistance
  • Explaining the various implications
  • Preparing the documents
  • Register the filled forms with the Office of Public Guardian

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LPAs are also divided in two:

A property and affairs Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) enables the solicitor to:

  • Deal with finances (including bank accounts and taxes)
  • Claim, receive and use benefits on donor’s behalf
  • Receive income or inheritance on donor’s behalf
  • Buy or sell properties
  • Sign cheques, order money transfers or make donations on donor’s behalf
  • Buy or sell assets and property
  • Arrange the use assets in order to properly finance nursing care for you

Once you lose your ability to make your own decisions and a LPA for Health and Welfare is registered at Office of the Public Guardian, then the person who was designated by you is entitled to decide:

  • Where should you live
  • Who is taking care of you
  • Healthcare details, including treatments