Residential Property

The process of buying or selling a house can be complicated, confusing, stressful and time-consuming. It’s highly recommended to seek legal advice and get familiar with your legal rights whenever you’re dealing with:

  • First registrations
  • Shared ownership purchases
  • Small scale developments
  • Residential property conveyancing
  • Purchase of property (freehold or leasehold)
  • Lease extensions
  • Sale of property (houses, flats)
  • All types of tenancy agreements: short term lets, bare tenancies or assured tenancies
  • Mortgages and re-mortgages
  • Gift properties and related tax implications such as
    inheritance tax
  • Divorce-related transfers of equity
  • Leasehold enfranchisement
  • Equity release schemes
  • High-value transactions
  • Planning applications


The legal transfer of a property from its owner to another party is called “conveyancing”. It comprises two major parts:

  1. Exchanging contracts (the process of passing the equitable title)
  2. Completion (the passing of the legal title).

Complicated real-estate transactions require in-depth knowledge of:

  • Finance and taxation
  • Property law
  • Regulatory schemes
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Our team is formed of knowledgeable residential property solicitors who will:

  • Explain the legal parts of the real estate transaction
  • Take care of tax planning
  • Analyse the timings
  • Quicken the entire process
  • Liaise with the other parties involved (real estate agents, buyer’s or seller’s solicitors)
  • Provide helpful and constructive legal advice on the terms of joint ownership or various mortgage options
  • 100% support you throughout the transaction

We have a proven track of successfully handling complex residential property cases and we are ready to ensure the best legal assistance no matter how tight your timescales would be. Receive the highest standards of legal practice and contact Middleton Dummer Solicitors today!